Lemongrass and Mint Cymbopogon and Mentha Oil. A new sensation that adds flavour, aroma and zing to your creations. For use in foods, natural healthcare, cosmetics and aromatherapies. This aged oil will continue to mature over time.

Lemongrass and Mint Cymbopogon and Mentha Oil

Botanical Name: Cymbopogon and Mentha


  • Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • Mint Essential Oil
  • Dried Lemongrass
  • Dried Mint
  • Virgin Olive Oil
  • Applications

Unique Finishing Oil

Add Flavour, Aroma to cooking, dressings and dippings

The Strong Lemon Aroma and Flavour is delicately balanced against the mint to create a truly unique oil. For use in foods, cosmetics, aromatherapy and natural healthcare.

Medicinal Uses

Improves health and wellbeing, improves digestion, mood enhancer.

Flavouing for culinary uses



Health and Well Being

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