Experience the new with Creative Botanical Ingredients new Basil Infused Oil. A unique blend of basil essential oil, dried herbs and olive oil.

A finishing oil for you creations: Foods, Fragrance, Cosmetics, Natural Healthcare and Aromatherapy.

Basil Oil

Botanical Name: Ocimum Basilicum


  • Basil Essential Oil
  • Dried Basil
  • Virgin Olive Oil


Unique Finishing Oil

  • Add Flavour, Aroma to cooking, dressings and dippings oils
  • Add Aroma to cosmetics
  • Create new healthcare products
  • Add to aromatherapy and massage oils
  • Basil has been used for over 2500 years.

A bespoke flavour, fragrance and health ingredient.


Restorative, warming, aromatic herb that improves digestive health with antibacterial properties.

Medicinal Uses

  • Health and wellbeing, improves digestion, anxiety and mood enhancer.
  • Flavouring for culinary uses
  • Perfumery
  • Aromatherapy
  • Health and Well Being

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