Nutraceutical Buddha Wood Flavours, Fragrances and Ingredients

Botanical Name: Eremophila Mitchelli
Common Names: Buddha Wood, Australian Desert Rosewood Essential Oil, Australian Sandalwood
Description: Eremophila Mitchelli tree 2.5-6 metres


Eremophila is one of the three genus (Eremophila, Myoporum and Bontia) of the Myoporaceae family.

There are 134 Eremophila species only found in Australia.

The name Eremophila comes from the Greek
Eremo meaning Desert
Phileo meaning to Love

The plants are generally shrubs or trees with alternate leaves and two lipped flowers of various colours.

The Eremophila are important to the Aboriginal people as medicines and have been prescribed as the “number one medicine” for colds, fever, sores, wounds, headaches, scabies, and almost any kind of ailment.

Eremophila Mitchelli

Eremophilla Mitchelli is a desert loving tree found throughout the arid regions of tropical and sub tropical Australia primarily found in native scrub ranging from Northern Queensland to Northern NSW. Eremophilla Mitchelli grows to between 2.5-6 metres has glossy dard green broomlike leaves and white or mauve bell shaped fragrant flowers. The tree has a distinctive woody aromatic scent from the oil trapped inside the wood and has been harvested for centuries for a wide variety of uses with commercial processing dating back to last century when the essential oil and timber were exported to China for incense and perfumery. Trade was interrupted during the First World War processing of the timber remained a cottage industry until Botanical Innovations began developing commercial production technology in 2014