Bank on Bank Centre

The Bank on Bank Centre is the home of Creative Botanical Ingredients a member of the Botanical Innovations group.

The Bank on Bank Centre is dedicated to the study of medicinal plants for mindful health and wellness applications. The Bank on Bank Centre consists of Botanical Gardens and Herbarium. The Bank on Bank Centre will be opening late 2020.

To a superficial and thoughtless mind, the study of botany and the investigation of plants may appear a light and frivolous employment. But, if we reflect on the great benefits derived from a due knowledge of the cultivation and properties of the herbs and plants as well as on the score of supplying for men and cattle, as for the extensive purposes of medicine, we shall find few pursuits more pregnant with intellectual improvement, or more conducive to the public good.
Ebenezer Sibly 1802.

The Creative Botanical Ingredients Bank on Bank Centre has an integrated approach to Health and wellness exploring the balance between the mind, body, and spirit through the incorporation of flavours, fragrances and ingredients in all aspects of our lives.

Botanical Gardens

Creative Botanical Ingredients Botanical Garden is dedicated to the growing and scientific study of medicinal plants for Health and Wellness.

The Herbarium

Creative Botanical Ingredients Herbarium contains a unique collection of dried medicinal plants. An ethnobotanical history is being compiled to complement the collection.